• Civil society

    Civil society is gaining increasingly greater meaning for the internal stability and social security of society. For this reason the Friedrich-Ebert-Foundation supports groups and organisations targeted to peace, social justice and democracy.

    Cooperation between local governments and NGOs in the area of general and regional development (planning, implementation, monitoring and management) as well as building of a network between the participating players are important goals of our Foundation. Their political prerequisits must therefore be improved in the long term, because awareness of the need to involve transparent non-governmental organisations is not sufficiently established in the political elite of Estonia. Within this framework, one of the key points of the Foundation is to strengthen the participation of women in the decision making process in Estonia.

    Considering the individualities of the three Baltic states and their political culture and less established structures, the Friedrich-Ebert-Foundation would like to urge establishing a social dialogue between the civil society, economy and politics, in order to take long term steps towards a just society. We are certain that a just society is the best means to creating social security.