• Scholarships

    The Friedrich-Ebert-Foundation has undertaken to uphold social democratic principles and would like to enable talented young people engaged in working for freedom, democracy and justice, to study. Applicants from low income families are especially considered. The Foundation would like especially to encourage non-German citizens to engage in full time studies in Germany and to this end provides special scholarships. Encouraged are Bachelor- und Master study groups and doctorates. Students of all professions may apply. The scholarships cover the basic living costs in Germany and for non-German students may be supplemented.

    Preconditions for application:
    To be able to apply, one must already be registered as a regular student at a German university and must be fluent in German. Good study results are expected. Important for the application are active participation in a civil society or political organisation which corresponds to the goals and values of the Friedrich-Ebert-Foundation. All applicants must be able to identify themselves with the Friedrich-Ebert-Foundation and its principles.

    For further information see: http://www.fes.de/sets/s_stuf.htm